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Our new product line up - Personal Watercraft, Kayak, and Surf Board - are scheduled to ship in 2020. The entire line up including the Body Board use the same batteries. A deposit of $500 (fully refundable) is due when placing your reservation. Your place in queue is based on when your deposit is received and will be emailed to you.

Up To 20 MPH
Board Weight: 46lbs,
Battery: 24lbs
Battery: 1-2hrs per charge
Dimensions: 81in x 32in x 12in


Up To 35 MPH
Weight: Bottom 45lbs,
Top 25lbs
Battery: 1hr mixed use
Dimensions: 84in x 40in x 26in


Up To 7 MPH
Weight: 65lbs w/ Paddle
Battery Range: Up To 20 miles
Dimensions: 96in x 40in x 18in


Up To 25 MPH
Weight 45lbs, Battery 24lbs
Battery: 1hr mixed used
Dimensions: 96in x 36in x 10in



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